Friday, October 24, 2008

Little House on the Lake

Growing up in northern Wisconsin my younger sister, brother, and I had free range of the woods, lake, and other wildlife. We would wake up to loons crying through the mist, spend our day learning from our Homeschooled books, and fall asleep reading Little House on the Prairie.

There are some things in life that are only available in rural areas. The farmers stands along side the road being one and fresh spring water another. Only locals know of the springs. There is no google link you can click on with reviews. There are no signs pointing to the well worn trail that leads into the woods. And no water quite like it. These memories are part of my life and make me who I am today.

Although my family has moved just a little south now, we still have land and a cabin on that same lake. It has lovingly been named 'Blueberry' for the wild berry bushes that grow there. Every changing of the season brings a new reason to travel north.

Our puppy, Madison, especially enjoys the trips. Oh the smells and sounds that are up at the cabin!

The lake is especially fun for all the dogs. Our old family black labrador, Ranger, carried shore rocks up with him on every jump off the dock, while my parents current yellow lab, Dexter, just enjoys flying off the dock until he's too tired to swim back.

Madison however is not a swimmer and prefers to catch floating acorns in the shallows.

Cooking anything at the cabin can be a challenge. The limited pots and pans, some with dents, is always an adventure.

Fresh fish are also not so easy to prepare, as you have to catch them first. Something we practice rain or shine with a smile.

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