Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decorating for the Season

The little hints of orange and yellow and infused our house with the Halloween spirit. The pumpkins have been carved, the holiday nuts have been roasted, and the leaves have fallen (not to mention a little snow!) Thankfully my collection of signed and special cookbooks matches the autumn colorings. But I wonder, will it go with the winter? Hopefully we won’t have any more snow so I can put off worrying.

The decorations hold a little of the antique, as does our normal d├ęcor. There are witches and ravens, sliver leaves and orange ribbons; all mixed in with our permanent collection. My parents have always been avid antique coinsurers, most likely coming from the local historic items found in my grandparents farm and the neighboring estates. They especially hunt for Redwing crocks and stoneware. These large containers were made to hold anything from butter, to water, to cured meats. While many in number there are few without cracks or blemishes. Our home holds only one small crock (used for magazines at the moment), however our collection of coffee grinders and tins continues to grow. Besides the resident coffee aficionado’s obsession with grinders, my husband has also blessed the purchases of an antique pizza flipper, the occasional wooden spoon, and my personal fetish, trivets.

Ofcourse there is always the cross generation handed down crystal from my cousin and the, get this, dish that I was baptised in. All in all, our home is a timeless mixture of old world charm and modern conveniences, or at least that’s what we strive for!

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