Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smoked Motz

After taking our cheese class we took a break from making it homemade. But a new smoker purchase revived our desire when we saw smoked mozzarella on FoodNetwork's Best Thing I Ever Ate.

While it might look like a big 'ol marshmallow, it's the end result of a half gallon batch of whole milk mozzarella smoked low and slow for about 40 - 60 min.
The recipe for the cheese comes from Ricki Carroll's 'Home Cheese Making' book, which I would highly recommend if you are interested in soft to hard cheeses as a beginner. Very easy instructions and loads of information!

We had the sliced mozzerella in a crusty bread sandwitch with some pesto spread. It was also wonderful in a BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza which also came from our smoker. Mike's getting a lot of practice on the smoker and our dishes are getting better and better each time!

It got us so excited that we ordered a cheese press so we can start making hard cheeses. Hope to report back in a few months once they've matured!