Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last days on the island

Morning view of Madeira beaches
Our last full day in Madeira we decided to rent the cab again and hike to the east point. While the Lavadas were less than spectacular, the hike and the views from the point were very nice. My thighs were killing me by the end, since we had just climbed the peaks the day before. 
Hike out to the Lavadas point
We were lucky again, to make it out early in the morning so we could beat most of the travel groups. Plus it got very hot as the sun got higher, so we were happy to get our workout in, our pictures taken, and meet Pedro for our ride back to the hotel.

I - O - W - A

For lunch we went across the street to Monumental Grill for lunch. We had gone there on the recommendation of the cab driver the day before and watched another couple get the rice and seafood dish. It was very good and easy to eat after the morning excursion.  After we went to the black rock beach down the harbor and then to Real Canoa for the second time. So amazing!

Seafood and rice at Monumental Grill

Black rock beaches

Video of the Mixed Fish on the Stone dish at Real Canoa restaurant.

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