Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food of Lagos

Wild figs growing in Lagos
The food in Portugal was amazing. We have had very good and very interesting meals on our vacations, but unfortunately you sometimes get really bad recommendations and eat at some nasty places. This was not the case on this trip. Over all the meals we had, there are only one or two dishes that we disliked. We used TripAdvisor a lot to find places and had good luck searching out restaurants based on a quick look at the menu. Some of our favorites are here.
Sangria, Octopus salad, smoked ham with yukon potatoes
Diablo mussels
There was a street in Lagos where we found a few wonderful places to eat and shop. The first was called Meu Limao Tapas. They had really nice smoked ham and Bachalau (a cod dish with potatoes and eggs), diablo mussels and a nice outside seating area in front of the white church. It was very nice and we ate lunch there twice under the shade of the trees.

Just down the street we found a wonderful little place called Hortela-Pimenta. Locally owned and operated, they had good Tapas and amazing raspberry Sangria. The best thing that we ate on the trip was the Grilled Octopus. So wonderful that we returned for dinner another night, just so we could each order our own plate of it. The sweetness of the wine and potatoes went wonderful with the perfectly cooked octopus. We ate a lot of octopus on this trip, I don't think either of us expected that. No wonder Papu liked Portugal so much, with that much great food, who wouldn't!
Grilled octopus with sweet potatoes and wine

Blood sausage and sweet potatoes

Portuguese Bread pudding
There were other nice Tapas places in Lagos and overall, we had some of our best food there. The many restaurants do make it difficult to navigate, but where ever the fish is fresh and the people work hard, you will find good food.
Grilled shrimp and Monkfish

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