Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celtic Trip (Day 3) - Blarney, Cork, and Dingle

On day 3 we decided to be aggressive.... b.. b.. aggressive.

We drove down to Blarney and then to Cork, trying to have enough time to make it back up to Killarney and then further north to the Dingle Peninsula.

Blarney Castle was very quite when we arrived that morning. We climbed up the turrets and made it to the top part where we were alone (expect for the stone helpers)

Nice not to have to wait for lines of people kissing the stone. I handed the camera to Mike and went first, being head-over hung down to kiss the Blarney Stone. I got up and Mike took his turn while I took his picture. We started to walk away and he said to me "Kel, I didn't have time to take your picture." AH! I can't come all the way to Ireland and not have a picture kissing the stone!!!! So we walked back and asked if I could do it again.

"Why sure! what ever will make you happy", the guy says to me. So I got my picture and kissed the stone twice! :)

Afterwards we walked around the wooded areas and saw a really beautiful clearing that you could totally understand why the culture is based on fairies and other wood spirits. Sunlight beat in and a little mist came up from the green green plants.

There were waterfalls and lots of areas to explore.... but we had to get moving onto Cork!

The reason I wanted to go to Cork was to visit the Old English Market. A large historical market with local produce and vendors.

We got some sausages....

Saw the different cuts of meat.....

And had some of the best Oragnge covered chocolate peices I have ever had... yum!

After we sped up to Dingle. Seeing lots of more sheep along the way (they are everywhere! Grandpa you were totally right!)

(Oh and that sheep in the lower left corner is staring at me so hard because there is a dog barking at me in the background. All the sheep turned and ran away from me right after this)

More beautiful landscapes next to the sea.

And the iconic green squares of pastureland.
So much to to see :)
We went out for some more traditional pub food and returned to the same bar to hear a live band playing. The bartender even drew a shamrock in Mike's Guiness as he poured it.... you'll have to tilt your computer screen to see it ;-)

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