Friday, March 11, 2011

Celtic Trip (Day 6 & 7) - Dublin

View of Ha Penny Bridge

Trinity College

We had attempted to get lunch a a restaurant across from Trinity College called 'The Pigs Ear' the previous day, but it's such a small place that they didn't have room for us without reservations, so the next day we had a wonderful meal with Salmon and Pork Patte dishes. So so yummy! Exactly the Irish-modern fusion meal I was looking for.

Afterwards we headed to a wonderful dessert shop called 'The Queen of Tarts', they've won a lot of awards, and it's not hard to see why. We ate the Plum and Pear tarts.

The evening of our Musical Pub Tour came and we had a (generally) wonderful time. I say generally because there was a group of three extreamly rude New Yorkers who spent most of the night with our group talking over the music and crabbing to the wait staff. Wonderful representation of the states ;-)

But regaurdless the music was wonderful and the musicians very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us more about traditional Irish music 'sets' (ie just regular people who come to the pubs to play and drink beer, not sell thier CDs or gain tips)

We were lucky enough to see one of these sets at the last bar we went to that night. I group of three younger guys were in the bar, just playing and drinking. They didn't take requests, they didn't have a tip jar, and after an hour or two of playing they just packed up their stuff and left.

The last day was pretty quite, we finished up some shopping and stopped at a local Cheese Monger store (The Cheddar is SO amazing over there, and I can say that coming from Wisconsin)
The remainder of the day we saw the Book of Kells, some more of the college, the Castle, and went out for some 'pour your own Guiness'

On to Scotland!

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