Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I feel so privileged to live in a country where you can vote. No matter who wins, whether it's the person that you feel is right for the country or someone else, if you vote you had a say in it.

Standing in line at 6:30am to open the polls there was the same feeling of anticipation and urgency through the long long line. Elderly sitting on benches waiting for the line to move; mid-thirties with their books and coffee quietly standing and reading; and families with younger children, promising that if it got too cold they could wait in the car.

I remember when I was taken to the polling both with my mother. My most vivid memory is stepping into a curtained poll both and being allowed to fill in the circle for the presidential vote. It seems so grown up doing it for myself, even though I've done it before. A little waiting, a little filling in circles, slide your ballot through the electronic reader and viola! you get a sticker. Thanks for voting America!

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