Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get that Latin Feeling...

I work with a wonderful woman named Amalia as a fun side job. I met her through my volunteering at the local Arb classes. Her site has some really wonderful Latin dishes that you can print right off.

Over the past year I've made some of those yummy Latin dishes with her. My favorite is this very simple Black Bean tortilla side dish. It goes with anything and is great for leftovers.

Mix mashed black beans with Queso Blanco cheese till just together. Heat small corn tortillas on a medium heat, then fill with the mixture and grill at a higher heat with olive oil till just browning. (Heating them first makes them less brittle)

The first picture is from a Chili Rellenos that I made with a beef filling and spicy cheese. I'll try to put that recipe up at some point. It was really really yummy also.

Enjoy the last snows of winter! (Hopefully) The husband and I are on a countdown to a vacation to Ireland and Scotland this spring.... 39 days and counting!

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