Monday, July 26, 2010

Rare sighting

Back on the farm we saw a really great sight. Two Luna moths were found by my dad on the light pole by our house.

Luna moths are very rare to be seen since they only are in their final moth stage for 7 days to breed.

See more on Luna moths here:

My Grandpa O, a farmer of many years, said that he heard most people are lucky to see one moth their entire life. We got to see two!
I remember when I was younger I collected moths that were around our house in Northern Wisconsin. I had one Luna, a couple Emperor, and some other smaller Hawk moths.
I didn't realize how little time they had.... I feel bad for collecting that one now. Hahaha, at least we didn't take these ones.... although my Grandpa really wanted to!


Mel said...

who knew that moths could be that beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have captured such beautiful pictures of those moths ! Great job.

Jen said...

Wow - they are amazing