Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 CSA

We are very excited to be signed up for the CSA again this year.

Last year we tried out Harmony Valley which was a really wonderful introduction to the local CSA programs here in the city. They have an amazing Cheese Share which we signed up for again this year, that comes out of Wisconsin.

For the Veggies we decided to try Driftless Organics in 2010. This farm is in the same region in Wisconsin, my childhood home, as Harmony Valley is. And to bring it even closer to home, I went to middle and high school with the founders, Josh and Noah.

From the site:
"Driftless Organics came into being fifteen years ago under the name Rainbow Potatoes. It was started by Josh and Noah Engel, ages eleven and nine respectively, and as the name suggests they grew a colorful spectrum of potatoes; more than twenty varieties in all. As they themselves grew, so did their ambition and the number of crops they planted. What began as a quarter acre field of potatoes on their parents’ organic dairy farm has now expanded to over one hundred acres of vegetables, fruits, small grains and sunflowers; all grown in the driftless region of local Southwest Wisconsin. Noah and Josh have been joined in recent years by Mike Lind and his small herd of grass fed beef cattle, further diversifying the operation. The three of them work together to provide sustainably grown organic food at an affordable price to people like you."

I can't wait to share what wonderful things we get in 2010!


Sofya said...

I love the Driftless Organics! Do you buy their sunflower oil? It's the best.

Three Little Apples said...

Sofya ~ this is our first year with them and we are so excited. I'm sure i'll get some oil this year. Good to know it has positive reviews!