Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy (21 Point Buck) Birthday!

My baby brother turned 21! And what else does every young buck need than a deer cake. With 21 antlers ofcourse...
I used the same application for the paint as I did with the Thomas the Train cake, thick food coloring with alcohol for faster evaporation.

When I first made the devil's chocolate cake I forgot to flour the pan, so my not-so-non-stick pans made a destruction of that boxed delight. The second attempt was much better :)
I molded out the fondant and painted on the deer head. I had initially wanted to do 21 antlers, but I couldn't figure out how the heck they would look, so I just did 13. First thing the birthday boy does when he sees the cake is start counting the points. Now that's a true Wisconsinite! So after an explaination of where the A1 antler would go and at which level the D4 (whatever) would start, we got 21 points on there.
Thank goodness, cause it didn't last long.....

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Sofya said...

I love this cake!!!! I'm kinda deerhunting-crazy.