Monday, January 19, 2009

My Mexican Getaway

We’ve returned! We’ve come back from our little 10 day trip to Cozumel, Mexico with my family. And although it rained a bit, there was too little time with everyone, and way too few cheap cab rides, we made up for it with all the wonderful food we ate!

Between our previous trip to Cancun and this one, I have come to determine that the best food is definitely off the beaten path… just not too far.

The feasting was spotted with some really bad dishes that left me wishing I’d just stayed on the beach, but we had a streak of some amazing food also.

The restaurant we frequented most often was a second floor, open air Italian place called Prima’s.
They had a huge menu which featured mussels, conch, lobster, and steak; all accompanied by homemade pastas. So delicious we went there three times.

That’s right. I said three.

However this was not our favorite. The hands-down winner was another open air pavilion Italian stop called Guido’s. Between the puffy starter bread, fresh spinach pasta, stone pizza, and lemon coconut tart with blackberries we were done in.

And this was in Mexico. Which is why ‘off the beaten’ path gets a whole new meaning. There were plenty of fabulous taco dives that we were able to experience, classically served on small corn tortillas with any number of main ingredients. The only must was the addition of cheese.

There was a whole supermarket of interesting fresh breads and rice. There was even a mixed Ceviche that we travelled across town for. But the Italian, they know how to do Italian-Spanish fusion well on that island.

So go rent that scooter or jeep and drive. Trust the cab driver that will tell you he knows the best taco dive on the island. Walk until you’re hungry enough to eat anything. Just make sure you know how to get home.

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